What is included when you book a Cake Smash Session?

Ever wondered what is included when you book your cake smash session?

13 May 2018

Why I need your input!

It’s Question and Answer time. There are many of you out there with questions about different aspects of my Photography Services and I would LOVE to answer them! To do this though, I NEED YOU! I want to make sure that any Q&A sessions I host are relevant...

8 May 2018

Introducing Baby John

Meet little Baby John. John came in for his Newborn Portraits with his lovely family when he was around 2 weeks old. Isn't he adorable!!!A few years ago I had the honour of capturing his big brother, Colin, at the same age. It's always so exciting to see these...

26 April 2018

The two things you can do to protect your Phone Pics today!

Today I am sharing with you my two FAVOURITE methods for making sure these images are protected.

23 April 2018

Why it's still so Sweet to be 16

Do you remember being 16? I know I do! Sometimes it seems like yesterday …. and other days like a lifetime ago, especially now that my own children have long passed this milestone.Being 16 can be so much fun! It's a time for making friends, trying new things,...

9 April 2018

Sometimes Newborns break the rules

The 5-10 day guideline is just that - it's a GUIDELINE. It's not a hard and fast rule. If you or baby are unable to leave the house to get to the studio (and don't want a home-visit style shoot) it's OK. We can wait until you are ready.

3 April 2018
Before-and-after - Before and After from Di's glamour portrait session in our Edens Landing, Logan City studio.

Why do I do a Before and After Shot?

On Saturday I had the honour of capturing some lovely modern portraits (glamour) for Di. Check out her gorgeous transformation above. This lady, like so many of the amazing women I photograph, has a story to tell. One which is her very own. We all do. It's...

26 March 2018

What sort of Newborn Photography Props do I have in the studio?

I've been photographing the babies of Logan City for many years now so have ended up with a gorgeous collection of props to use in my studio.

19 March 2018

Looking for a Wedding Photographer?

There are so many possibilities, with photographers offering so many types of Wedding Photography Packages and a range of Photography Services, each one with their own unique style. Looking for a photographer can sometimes be difficult. How do you know you...

11 March 2018

The ultimate way to celebrate your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Meet Jo & Andrew. These two love birds recently celebrated their First Wedding Anniversary with a Couples Photo Shoot! What an AWESOME way to do a Paper Gift. Having beautiful images printed and displayed in your home is a beautiful way to capture this...

9 March 2018