When is the last time you felt at ease in your own skin?

18 July 2018

Let's face it, we are all our own worst critics! In a world where perfection has become the norm, and filters exist almost everywhere to change the way we see ourselves, when is the last time you looked at your reflection and truly loved what you saw? I mean, we all have that one feature we might like to (or do) change. For me, it's those nasty grey hairs. Seriously, who goes grey in their 20's? Well, not completely, but enough to drive me to the hair dye on a regular basis for the last 20 years. Not too long ago, I could barely see anything I didn't want to change about myself. While I was always happy with the insides, the parts that make me truly me, the outside used to make me cringe my nose in disgust! Then, just over two years ago, I had a complete transformation. Some of you will remember my post about my own 'Embrace YOU' session, where my beautiful son captured my soul with a camera. It was at this moment that I started to truly appreciate that I am who I am and need to be happy with that. This experience, on the other side of the lens, fuelled my passion to capture the true 'essence' of my clients' story, even more. I KNOW, first hand, what this truly transformational process feels like.

Meet Ingrid …..


This lady is truly AMAZING…. and, what's more, she totally OWNS it!

Having Ingrid in my studio for an afternoon was so captivating. We chatted openly, about life, as I treated her to a very natural makeover. Then, I got to watch as this incredible lady came to life in front of the camera, completely 'owning' her space, while we captured a gallery of images for her to treasure.

Ingrid was not alone for her session. She was accompanied by her two adult children, Stacey & Linzee and Linzee's partner. The love these two have for their Mum shines in their collection of images. What a beautiful gift for their lovely Mama!

The planning of this 'Embrace YOU' styled Family Portrait session was organised by Stacey, one of the inspirational PT's at the Gym I attend. With the Gym being like my second home these days I consider these AMAZING PT's to be like family, so being asked to do this session made my heart sing. It was also a little nerve wracking sharing my 'TRUE self' as I put on my own brand of crazy and bared a part of my own soul while I played behind the camera. Yes, I still get nervous doing what I cherish so much!

I feel completely honoured to have been a part of this little piece of history for Ingrid and her children.

Let's check out some of the highlights from their session …..

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