Why your Grandkids will LOVE this!

29 October 2018

From the moment I started chatting with Flo on the phone I connected with her story! This beautiful lady won a Mini Session, from a donation I gave to the opening of the new Scate Park in Edens Landing earlier this year.

Flo explained to me that, originally, she was going to gift this session to someone else. Fortunately, this other lady understood the importance of Flo and Lyndsay having this session, explaining that her children and grandchildren would LOVE it .... so Flo decided to take the experience for her and Lyndsay, and create a special keepsake for the next generations.

Yes! Yes! Yes .... is all I can say to this!

Chatting to Flo on the phone, it was clear that she agreed with doing this for her family and understood why it is so IMPORTANT. This amazing lady was speaking so clearly to my WHY .... so I told her of my own sad little story (which some of you may have read before .... but I will re-link it here for you).

A lack of photographs of my beloved Grandfather, I believe, is one of the reasons I have ALWAYS been OBSESSED with Portraits! As a Grandchild, I absolutely SALUTE the idea of having images taken for the next generations. At the end of the day, our Portraits are NOT for US. Some day, when we are just a memory, these IMAGES will be the MEMORIES our loved ones cling to .... the things that remind them of our STORY and our LOVE for them. They are PRECIOUS beyond words. This is WHY I do what I do ... and with PASSION and LOVE!

Thank you, Flo and Lyndsay, for allowing me to capture these MEMORIES for your loved ones. You have created such a special gift for them. Bless you both xo


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